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Through Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc, we provide in-house pretreatment, painting, and baking. This allows us to guarentee that you will receive a top quality product, which minimizes time and shipping and handling since nothing leaves our location.

Our state of the art E.S.P. (Electrostatic Spray Painting) facility was designed and constructed to provide an exceptional level of quality and to handle the painting of products that other facilities cannot. We are able to paint almost any item, and our facility caters to and welcomes the Southeast’s finest aluminum railing manufacturers and fabricators.

Our conveyor line can accommodate railing and other fabrications that are up to 24’ in length and up to 8’ high, and returns up to 5’. We also have a second track that can be used to coat products up to 43’ in length and 9’ in height. We are the only facility in South and Central Florida specifically engineered to handle these products.


If aluminum is not properly pretreated, the paint will not adhere no matter how high the quality of the paint. Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc. uses a six stage, non-chrome conversion pretreatment process to ensure the highest quality finish. The product is first sprayed with a concentrated, heated acidic cleaner to clean, degrease and etch the surface, and rinsed in clear water. Then it is sprayed with a non-heated acidic treatment to deoxidize, de-smut, and further etch the surface to receive the coating.


It is then rinsed with pure water treated through our reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, multi-stage filtration process. It is then sealed with a non-chrome conversion coating to eliminate oxidation and for optimal paint adhesion.

The product then enters our unique drying oven that forces hot air from the bottom of the oven. The air is turned every six minutes in a convection process that allows consistent airflow over the entire product and prevents the heat from simply rising to the top of the oven. The automated line allows the product to remain untouched throughout the process, eliminating the possibility of contamination and non-adhesion of the paint. Once dried, the product continues to the spray booth.


E.S.P. guns are used to coat the product. Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc. offers 24 standard colors and a virtually unlimited array of custom colors to suit any need. Our standard paints are super-durables with five year durability. In addition, we will offer high-performance flouropolymer thermosetting resin coatings with 10-15 year durability, which are excellent for the highly corrosive coastal environments of Florida. Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc. provides warranties at an additional cost.

After coating, the product enters the baking oven, which is capable of heating to 500 F. Upon completion of the baking process, the painted product is wrapped for customer pickup. Instead of standard bubble-wrap, we use 3/16” foam to wrap the top cap so that damage will not occur in transit.

We also have a water-jet cutting machine that can produce custom or production runs. The system is CAD/CAM assisted and can handle sheets up to 6’x12’ in size and from 1/8” to 6” in thickness.


Coastal Super-Durable has met the stringent criteria of the AAMA 2604-05 specification (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) by successfully passing South Florida outdoor weathering tests. As a result, Coastal Super-Durable offers 5-Year durability.

Coastal Super-Durable offers superior mechanical properties, has a harder finish and resists scratching and marring during fabrication, assembly, and installation.


Coastal Flouropolymer Thermo Setting Resin is a thermosetting powder coating in which 100% of the resin system consists of fluorocarbon polymers that have been successfully used for more than 30 years in the architectural market. This superior product line consists of engineered formulations to exceed the performance and durability requirements of the top architectural specifications such as AAMA 2605-05 Voluntary Specifications Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels. Coastal Flouropolymer Thermo Setting Resin has a 15 Year durability rating.

Coastal Flouropolymer Thermo Setting Resin offers superior mechanical properties, has a harder finish and resists scratching and marring during fabrication, assembly, and installation. With a few expectations for high chromatic colors, this premium coating only requires a one coat application contributing to greater efficiency when compared to a PVDF two-coat process.

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