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About Us

Poma Construction Corp, a family owned and operated company, is currently headquartered within a 275 acre industrial park, in Palm City, Florida. Our company currently consists of five divisions; construction and development, aluminum railings, pre-cast concrete walls (Redi-Tilt), Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc., and a sand mining operation (Palm City Sand). Frank Poma, the founder and company president, established the company in 1987 to pave the way for his seven children. Four of Frank’s eldest sons have taken their places in each of these divisions.

Construction and Development Division

This division is responsible for the development of all projects on land owned by its related holding companies. We have completed a broad range of projects consisting of “Class A” office condo buildings, “Big Box” and small scale retailers, charter schools and industrial warehouse and storage facilities of varying sizes.


In addition, Poma Construction Corp. acts as a general contractor, both for our own projects as well as those of other developers. We provide a unique, cost effective, alternative to higher priced tilt-up buildings. Redi-Tilt pre-cast walls are utilized in all of our shell buildings. This affords our customer the opportunity to save up to 25% over conventional methods of construction (i.e. tilt-up, CBS, poured in place, etc.).

Aluminum Railing Division

Poma Construction’s Railing Division is a full-service railing and specialty metalwork fabricator and installer with a global reach. The company provides complete design, engineering, fabrication, powder coating (through its Coastal Powder Coatings division), and installation for new construction and restoration clients. Our projects include condominiums, hotels, office buildings, municipal/institutional structures, parking garages, manufacturing facilities, airports, and amusement parks.

Redi-Tilt Division

Redi-Tilt is a patented modular wall system which is marketed exclusively thru Poma Construction Corp. Frank Poma developed the patent in 2000 while trying to remedy problems associated with conventional construction methods. Redi-Tilt resolves many of the issues related to lack of skilled labor, material shortages, adverse weather conditions and waste and inefficiencies related to onsite construction.
The manufacture of these walls takes place under a 27,600 sq.ft. metal building in a semi-controlled environment. All forms are made of steel and are completely reusable. Materials are used in an extremely efficient manner, resulting in lower costs to the customer. Walls are fabricated at our plant and delivered precisely when and where needed, resulting in quicker construction times, lower cost and more efficient scheduling. Link to Redi-Tilt.

Coastal Powder Coatings

Coastal Powder Coatings, Inc. is a State-Of-The-Art E.S.P. (Electrostatic Spray Painting) facility utilizing a six stage, non-chrome conversion pretreatment process to ensure the highest quality finish. This is all accomplished in our 13,500 square foot facility. Click Here for the Coastal Powder Coatings website.

Palm City Sand

Palm City Sand, a mining operation, is located within the Northern section of our 275 acre industrial park. See Seven J’s Subdivision thumbnail to the left/right. Sand is dredged from the ground and processed to produce 2 grades of sand, namely septic and mason sand. We also are able to excavate grade #1 fill dirt. It is expected that our reserves, under present operating criteria, could last into 2013.


Frank Poma: President / Co-owner (Construction and Development, Railing, Redi-Tilt, Palm City Sand)
The visionary. Frank is the man that puts it all together. He is the (developer) creator of numerous patents such as “Redi-Tilt” and “Poma SS insert” to name a few. Frank directly oversees the operations of all divisions and is responsible for both financial control of the company as well as determining the feasibility and profitability for future projects and opportunities. He contributes a vast amount of knowledge and experience with over 35 years of construction related experience, including aluminum railing manufacturer. During his tenure, Frank established an unwavering reputation as being, “one of the best in the business.”
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Jason F. Poma: V. President / Co-owner (Construction and Development, Railing, Redi-Tilt, Palm City Sand)
Jason holds a Florida State license as Certified General Contractor and the qualifier for Poma & Sons, Inc.
He oversees the daily operations of all current projects, in all four divisions and is responsible for resource allocation, staffing, and contract oversight. In addition, he does the marketing for the Redi-Tilt division, utilizing his expertise in construction, estimating and project management to help our customers recognize the benefits of the Redi-Tilt construction system.
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Joseph A. Poma: Manager (Palm City Sand)
Joseph manages all aspects of the mining and loading operation. He also maintains all daily records, insures adherence to safety policies and is responsible for the maintenance and operational status of all equipment associated with the mining operation.
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Justin Poma: Project Manager / Estimator (Railing Division)
Justin attended Western Illinois University majoring in construction management. He is currently enrolled in a local technical institute continuing his education in the construction industry. Justin’s responsibilities include facilitating day to day plant operations, maintaining quality control and customer service. In addition, he is responsible for performing take-offs, estimates and architectural detailing of standard and custom railing systems.
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James Poma: Production Foreman (Redi-Tilt)
James directs the activities of the forming and finishing crews. He is responsible for daily staffing, job scheduling, material purchasing and quality control.
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